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About us

Landshark: (n) A dog that enjoys gnawing, chewing, tugging, and biting; particularly on its humans arm in a loving fashion.


Thanks for stopping by! We’re Landshark Supply. What do we supply? Quality gear for active dog lovers.

About the business:

Kaleb & Wes were best friends all through college. Their dream was to build a business they were passionate about: one that gave them the opportunity to bring their dogs to work every day. Bauer the German Shepherd and Luna the Border Collie are just as much a part of the team as they are, along with support from the best wives ever.

Landshark began with a simple idea: “We create thoughtfully designed gear for people who truly live an active lifestyle with their dogs: suitable for professional training, everyday trips to the dogpark, and everything in between.“  What started as a small online store selling German Shepherd security decals quickly grew into a thriving business providing top quality dog gear, apparel, and decals.

About the dogs (probably why you’re actually reading this):

Bauer (President of Landshark Supply) spends most of his time looking ridiculously photogenic for Dad, while testing every product we make. He’s an Atlanta pup, which means he spends lots of time at the dog park and out in the city. Don’t let his big boy bark fool you, he’s a teddy bear…at least if you’re a good boy/girl like he is.

Luna (VP; Director of Tennis Ball management) never sits still long enough to take
much of a picture, but we still try. She lives on a large lake in North Alabama, spending her time swimming and chasing the geese. Sometimes she goes jet-skiing with dad, but she really prefers dock diving above all other things. Luna also spends lots of time with her mom helping to train other dogs in basic obedience and some active sports like agility and dock diving.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. We love interacting with fellow active dog lovers.

If you've bought one of our products send us a photo of it in action! Shoot us an email: Or Check us out on Instagram or Facebook.