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Landshark Sport Tab


The perfect tab for off-leash control of your dog. This feature-packed heel tab comes with a high quality swivel latch that's easy to snap on and off. Right behind that is a D-ring to allow you to clip on your leash without having to remove the tab, and without making your leash too long. Our Shark Tamer tab is unique in that it can be gripped flatly with the whole hand, or use one or two fingers through the small loop at the end for softer control.

  • 1" wide, 3 ply, tight-weave nylon creates the perfect combination of flex and strength. 
  • The end features a finger loop for a lighter touch and less hand fatigue.
  • A D-ring is included towards the latch, attach your leash without removing the tab (if you don't want the D-ring, please make a note in the order notes section).
  • Available in 7 accent colors or all black to perfectly match your Shark Tamer Leash!
  • Handmade in Atlanta, GA and free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.A.!

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